Why am I starting a blog in 2024?


The thought of starting a blog had been floating around in my head for ages, like a half-inflated balloon teasing me from the corner of the room. But somehow, it never made it off the ground. Even the original excitement I felt had fizzled out a bit over time. Still, here I am, finally taking the plunge.

Reflecting on my journey, I recall this moment in 2014 when I wrote my first lines of code. A decade has swiftly passed since then –– how can a decade pass so fast? Seriously.

It was then that I convinced my computer to display the phrase Hello, world! for the first time in my life. This simple experience marked the beginning of my adventure into the world of coding, as it probably marked yours too.

That world no longer exists, something else took its place. That old me doesn't exist anymore either, thanks God. The tools we utilize for web development have evolved as well; back then, React.js was in its infancy, and Angular.js (before Angular 2), along with jQuery, was one of the choices for developing new front-end projects.

Little did I know, I was witnessing the dawn of the modern era of web development. Much has changed, but much of the foundations of what we use today were laid during that time, for better or for worse.

Upon completing my college degree in 2016, I embarked on a full-time career in web development. My introduction to UI development during my collegiate years was an important moment for me.

Previously, the web was something I interacted with, never imagining that I could contribute to its creation. This realization was kind of a revelation; it was as if I had been granted access to a previously exclusive club.

Among all the fascinating aspects of technology I learned, UI development captured my imagination the most. The idea of designing and developing beautiful websites became the driving force behind my professional journey. But I digress...

Back to the original question: why am I starting a blog? The answer is quite simple. My journey through the realm of software engineering has been filled with challenges and moments of doubt, as it happens with so many of us. The thoughts and reflections that have accompanied me throughout my career have often gone unrecorded, evolving into the very essence of who I am today. In revisiting the idea of writing, I aim to capture and explore these fleeting thoughts.

This blog is not born out of grand ambition or a desire for recognition. Rather, it's a space for exploration and expression—a testament to the idea that not all endeavors require a monumental purpose.

We often justify inaction with excuses like "This isn't important enough" or "What's the point?". However, sometimes the act itself is the purpose, and the act of writing can be a powerful form of reflection and discovery.

In an era where visual and video content dominates, I believe there remains a distinct place for the written word. Reading demands focus and engagement, making it an invaluable medium for delving deep into complex topics, especially in the realm of technology.

Finally, writing is, fundamentally, an exercise in clarity and understanding. It forces us to articulate our thoughts and challenge our assumptions. If we struggle to explain a concept, perhaps our understanding is not as deep as we thought, but how do we know?

As I embark on this writing journey, I look forward to the conversations and reflections it will inspire. Perhaps, in time, I will revisit these words and dialogue with my past self. Regardless of how my views may evolve, this blog will serve as a chronicle of my growth, a mirror reflecting the journey that has shaped me, as well as my career.